Wednesday, September 10, 2014

427 Cobra Replica Build - Just One More Facet We Do Here At Colletti Motorsports

We have been commissioned to build a replica of the car you see below.  Follow this blog as we complete this amazing assignment!

Carroll-Shelby’s original 427SC Cobra was not an expensive machine in relation to its phenomenal performance….it originally sold for about $7900 in US Dollars.  It had extraordinarily high power –to-weight ratio, and its nimble circuit handling attributes enabled it to blow into the weeds circuit  far more exotic and expensive machines.  There were two hundred and sixty 427 Cobra was last advertised for sale in Ford dealerships in August of 1968.

The build has to begin somewhere.  This is where it all begins.

Inventory the parts prior to assembly.  Many of the engine, drive train and fuel parts came first.

The the power house of this car.  The motor.

And of course, the chassis.

Constructed of 2” x 4” rectangular steel, with suspension and mounting brackets welded into place.  A&C’s certified welders, using custom fixture.  It comes with coil-over shocks that are fully adjustable.

This is a 302 cubic inch Ford Racing V8 (Cleveland Crate Factory Motor).  It's rated at 340 HP.

Tremec 5-speed manual transmission.

Installing the Clutch assembly.

Now this is what it's all about folks!!

The motor and transmission was installed today.  Careful measurements were made to locate and install the two motor and one transmission mount.


She runs!  We started her up yesterday, and she purrrrs.  A video will be added soon.

The video clip wouldn't upload, so please be patient.  In the meantime, here's the latest with Powermaster Alternator,Elderbrook Carborator.

There aren't many other things we can do until we get the body that includes the 

We have the body in now!

The mounting of the body onto the chassis went better than we originally thought.  We had to find mounting points to affix the body to the frame.  Then came the fun part.  Wiring, and finish work.

  Then the dash was put together.

 It has been a long time coming, but take a look at this:

She left is purring like a tiger!!

Thank you for the opportunity.

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